My name is Anton Ivanov and I am a professional photographer with extensive experience in various fields of photography. I am prepared to assist you with your photographic needs, from personal photography to advertising campaigns for your business.

   I am a member of several prestigious photography associations, including the Eurasian Art Union and the Creative Association of Contemporary Artists. My work has been published in renowned photography journals and I have won awards at numerous international exhibitions, festivals, and contests.

   As a judge of the "Cosmic Distances" international children's photography competition, I have contributed to the promotion of young talent and creativity. Additionally, I have served as a judge for the "In the footsteps of Leonardo" international creative children's competition and the Russian Cup of Artistic Creativity.

   My work has been exhibited at prestigious venues such as the Tretyakov Gallery in Russia and a US-based gallery, leading to the publication of my book on my photography techniques in over 10 countries. My book, "Genre Portrait," is available online and can be found in numerous countries worldwide.Thanks to his work with Pleistocene Park, which is well-known worldwide and in collaboration with environmental organizations, he has also contributed to the fight against global warming.
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